10 Jul

When I first started this blog I had no direction. I still don’t have much of a direction, but I deleted my previous posts because they were going somewhere I wasn’t fond of.

I am a single mom, and a recent graduate. I got my B.A. in English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is “So, you wanna teach, right?” No, I don’t want to teach. I honestly do not have the patience to deal with so many kids in one day. I love being a mom, but that’s because Natalie is my daughter. What I want to do with my degree is edit.

When I was in the eighth grade, I read a book called Envy by Sandra Brown. One of the central characters’ occupations was as an editor in a publishing house. Before reading Envy, I had no knowledge of any jobs in the publishing industry. That book changed my life. After reading it, I did what any internet savvy fourteen year old would do: I Googled. And what I discovered was eye opening. Everything I read about editors made me think, Yes! 

When I started college I was relieved to finally start my English courses because I entered a group where everyone felt the same way about books as I did. It was so refreshing to talk to other people about reading, and writing, and publishing. I took an Editing and Publishing course and I could not get enough of the text book. I read that book from cover to cover in a matter of three days, drinking everything in. Things that sounded incredibly dull to my friends like contracts and royalties fascinated me, and continue to do so. I love that not only does this career path have business aspects, but also lets you maintain a place in the creative world.

I am currently looking for work in the publishing industry, and I’ll keep you updated about what opportunities come my way.

I think I found my direction, too. Come back later to find out more!

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